Perfect Poise, Perfect Life


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Bring Your Body into Balance and Revolutionise Your Life

By Noël Kingsley

Published by Hodder & Stoughton,
14 March 2006
ISBN 0-340-83579-6
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This is a revolutionary guide from a posture expert on how to rediscover your natural poise and balance – and turn around all aspects of your life.

We may dream of excelling in our career, at public speaking or sport, or of looking and feeling healthier, more confident and more attractive. But sometimes we find it difficult to fulfill our dreams. To maximise our potential and health, we need to rediscover our natural poise, balance and co-ordination so that both body and mind can function at their best capacity.

We all have the instinct for this perfect balance and poise, but bad postural habits brought about by the constant stresses of modern day living cause us to lose this instinct. In this unique guide, internationally-renowned expert on posture and balance Noël Kingsley combines insight into how balance and poise affect you on all levels with practical help on how to improve them. With case studies and easy-to-follow exercises, Noël leads you through the reasons why we lose our poise, the principles of perfect balance, and the way to rediscover it based on the principles of the Alexander Technique.

From the best possible career to a more confident personal life, “Perfect Poise, Perfect Life” will give you the courage to try all those new things you’ve never quite been able to. Good postural habits also make you appear more attractive – better breathing will help your skin become clearer and your hair shinier. You can even achieve a slimmer-looking waist. Learn how to rediscover your natural perfect balance and change every part of your own life for the better.