Alexander Technique in Beaminster Dorset

Noël Kingsley and Miranda French give individual lessons in the Alexander Technique from their home in Beaminster, Dorset close to the Somerset and Devon borders.

They always recommend anyone interested in finding out how the technique may be of benefit to them, to have a one-off Introductory Session. This may be slightly longer than the usual 45 minutes and will involve a full length demonstration as well as discussion about your needs. It is normal for pupils to need a course of between 15-25 lessons to establish the principles and provide long term benefit.


Lessons with Noël Kingsley are normally £45 (Extended Introductory Session, no extra charge)

Lessons with Miranda French are normally £35. (Extended Introductory Session, no extra charge)

If you would like to discuss the possibility of having a one-off Introductory Session or a course, you can contact Noël and Miranda directly via the Contact page of this website, or by calling on 01308 861759 or

Noël – 07968 389762

Miranda – 07976 393023


Noël Kingsley & Miranda French

3 St Mary Well Street




Enquiries and appointments

Telephone: +44 (0)1308 861759