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By learning the Alexander Technique we gain conscious control of our poise and during movement, eliminating harmful postural habits that interfere with the fluid and well co-ordinated use of ourselves we need to function well.  No matter what activity we undertake whether it is simply walking or running, swimming, horse riding, tennis or golf or acting, we naturally wish to make the most of ourselves.

Postural habits undermine our best endeavours. No matter how hard we try to do well, if we are stiffening and shortening ourselves in harmful ways by habit, then these tendencies will detrimentally affect the finely tuned co-ordination we need to function at our best. We can never achieve our full potential if we have postural habits that are working against us.

Miranda’s thirty years experience as a professional actor and drama workshop leader makes her an ideal teacher for any performer wishing to learn the Alexander Technique and to incorporate the principles into their work.  She can help the actor find the neutral state free of habit, from which they can build their performance. She is able to draw on specific procedures evolved by the founder FM Alexander to help release the voice and improve breathing.

Over the last 20 years Noël has worked with a great many people wishing to improve their game by eliminating the habits that affect our poise, balance and fluidity of movement so they can perform better in sport, music, singing, acting etc. Runners avoid strain and make less effort despite running faster for longer, golfers find they can keep their eye on the ball better and their stroke is more accurate, tennis players are more agile and get to the ball quicker, horse riders improve their seat, balance and co-ordination so they are more supple, sensitive and more in tune with the horse, singers and actors find their breathing is freer and silent and their vocal resonance improved, musicians can play for long periods without strain or injury as well as having improved dexterity.

Horse Riding

Noël has a particular interest in horse riding and has worked over the years with many riders up to and including Prix St George. Almost without exception, riders who have Alexander Technique lessons find their riding ability improves and troubles such as back pain and stiffness simply disappear.

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Noël works with riders in Beaminster, Dorset DT8