How it Works

During our lives most of us develop
postural habits that can affect how we feel
and our ability to perform
well at any activity

How Alexander Technique works…

Habits such as stooping, slouching, general stiffening inevitably put us off balance and increases pressure on our joints and internal organs. This can lead to disorders relating to digestion, circulation and breathing as well as backache, sciatica, headaches and stress.

Noël Aged 3

Good poise is our birthright and does not require any special aptitude or skill.  This natural instinct for healthy poise is with us all our lives and this is what we tap into with the Alexander Technique.  As FM Alexander said, by preventing the wrong ‘use’ of our muscular co-ordination, the right thing will do itself.  It takes no perceived effort and by learning to take conscious control over ourselves we can inhibit harmful postural habits and encourage a much improved overall use of ourselves that helps our posture, balance, movement and that enables us to function healthily without strain. We effectively eliminate the habitual tendencies that cause premature deterioration and ageing. By restoring healthy co-ordination that is both free and expansive in stature we bring about the conditions for improved healing and functioning.

Our natural instinct can be revived by means of the Alexander Technique as the principles are based on nature and how we should ideally be. We address the root cause of majority of painful symptoms such as backache or neck tension, while also increasing our self confidence, our ability to concentrate, as well as our vitality, flexibility and athleticism.


We all have the potential to
be healthier, to enjoy life more fully and
be more successful