Alexander Technique lessons

Noël Kingsley uses his hands in a gentle guiding manner to help you rediscover balance and natural upright poise.

Alexander Technique lessons

Alexander Technique brings relief to a wide range of symptoms. The sessions are conducted in the manner of lessons so you can learn to use the Alexander Technique for yourself. The experience gained enables you to maintain healthy poise and good co-ordination for the rest of your life.

The Alexander Technique lesson is conducted on a one-to-one basis because we are all individuals with our own unique habitual patterns of movement and co-ordination that have developed during our lifetime. However these habits are the cause of many of our problems, affecting our health and well-being and performance.


The lesson involves hands-on guidance while you make such everyday movements such as sitting, standing, walking and bending. The expert guidance gives you a very new experience of improved balance and co-ordination, a lightness and ease of movement while also coming up to your full height and stature....all without any perceived effort. The subtle hands-on work takes you out of your habitual manner of 'use' or posture in a way that cannot be described in a book or video.

The physical experience from this hands-on guidance gets right into your nervous system and subconscious so your whole physique and manner of movement and posture is retrained. The Alexander Technique is a self-help technique, and with these one-to-one lessons we learn to use it for ourselves throughout the day, to avoid unnecessary strain and help us function to our best.

Introductory Session

A one-off Introductory Session will give you a real experience of what is involved and it is likely that you will leave feeling quite different; possibly lighter, freer, taller or calmer. However to make changes long lasting a short course of lessons will be necessary. This will help enhance your self awareness and enable you to begin using the Alexander Technique for yourself so you can maintain healthy poise for the rest of your life. As your overall manner of holding yourself and moving changes, many specific symptoms such as aches and pains start to disappear.

There are no time absorbing exercises. Sessions are around 40 minutes long. They are relaxing and calming yet energising and informative.

Alexander Technique, Dorset - Introductory Session

An initial introductory session provides the opportunity for you to discuss your situation and how the Alexander Technique may help you. It is typically 10-15 minutes longer than the normal lesson allowing time for discussion as well as a full hands-on demonstration.