Natural Poise

The Alexander Technique is a
means of posture control that can enhance your sense of wellbeing, your performance,
and enjoyment for life
Noël Aged 3

The Alexander Technique is a practical method to help restore the natural balance, poise and co-ordination we enjoyed as young children. Having sessions in the technique can help you eliminate a lifetime of habits so that you can function more effectively, achieve your full potential and enjoy life more fully.

Noel age 3
Noel age 3

Every healthy baby and toddler has good natural poise as they have not yet formed postural habits such as stooping, slouching or stiffening that upsets their natural co-ordination and instinctive aptitude.  At this age the maintaining of healthy poise is automatic and subconscious.   But as we get older, habits become established for a variety of reasons and these upset our natural co-ordination and gradually the effects can be felt in symptoms such as back pain, neck tension, stress, breathing difficulties.  These habits also affect our agility, balance and movement, and consequently how well we perform in sport, music and even our level of confidence.

But natural poise is our birthright. We have an instinct for it from birth and this instinct is with us all our lives. It is never too late to have Alexander lessons. For example, one of Noël’s pupils was 102 years old when she started and she become more upright, gained height by about 2cm, became better balanced and was breathing more easily.  The Alexander Technique enables us to tap into this natural instinct so the focus of attention is not about trying to achieve the correct posture, but to stop the wrong habits that are preventing us from experiencing natural, healthy poise.

You can enhance your health, your sense of well-being, and your performance in any activity you undertake by improving your poise and eliminating these harmful habits. You can play sport better, enhance your professional stature and improve your voice as well as avoid strain in pregnancy, look slimmer and younger and simply feel great. The Alexander Technique also helps to relieve physical strain, stiffness and breathing difficulties and enhance rehabilitation after operations, injury or illness.

Improved physical balance and co-ordination also brings about emotional centredness and natural confidence. This can influence how we communicate and interact with others and allow our full natural beauty and potential to be expressed. Greater calmness and self confidence comes with natural upright poise and can help you achieve more in life and generally feel happier and more fulfilled.

Alexander lessons with Noël Kingsley and Miranda French in Dorset can reawaken your own natural instinct for healthy upright poise.