In order to overcome long-standing postural habits it is important that the Alexander Technique sessions are sufficiently close together. F.M. Alexander himself felt that an intensive approach was by far the best way of benefiting from sessions in the Technique.

It is normal for most of us to need an initial course of between 15-25 sessions. For many of us, the best progress will be achieved if we can manage to have 2-3 sessions per week during the first few weeks, thereafter the frequency can be reduced to one session per week for the remainder of the course. Refresher sessions are periodically required to maintain our improvements over the long term.

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Noël Kingsley and Miranda French run a variety of Courses in the Alexander Technique to suit our individual needs and these options can be discussed during the Introductory Session. They give Alexander Technique lessons in his home town of Beaminster in Dorset.

Having an Introductory Session is by far the best means of finding out how the Alexander Technique may benefit you. It is a one-off session and there is no requirement for a long term commitment.

An Introductory Session is slightly longer than normal as there is more to discuss and you also get a full Alexander session, involving expert hands-on guidance so you get the experience of releasing longstanding tensions, improved balance and a sense of light expansiveness that comes from improving co-ordination. It is normally the same fee as regular sessions.

Lessons with Noël Kingsley are normally

(Extended Introductory Session, no extra charge)

Lessons with Miranda French are normally

Special Introductory offer all lessons until December 2021 – £25.