Alexander Technique London


Noel is a highly experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique. I benefited from having lessons twice a week over three years with Noel when I came to him with postural difficulties I’d had for a many years, together with neck tension and lower back pain after a bad fall. I always looked forward to every lesson with Noel, who is a very generous, knowledgeable and professional teacher. I’m very honoured to have had lessons with him. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Noel’s teaching to anyone who’d like to improve their overall health and wellbeing. He taught me the basics of what I have learned in the past twelve years, a real privilege.

Stella Weigel, MSTAT


Noel is a very experienced and welcoming teacher of The Alexander Technique based in central London. I have benefited from having weekly Alexander Technique lessons with Noel for over 4 years, and have experienced improved posture and reduction of pain (especially in my lower back and hip joints) through this gentle but effective learned skill. I always enjoy our lessons together. Noel is both an extremely well qualified, well practised professional teacher and a genuine, generous individual. I always look forward to my AT lessons with Noel, who teaches in a calm and peaceful teaching room in this otherwise busy and bustling part of London's West End .

Suzy Payne


Thank you so much for all your support this year. Who would have thought my life could change so much, and all down to the Alexander Technique lessons. Thank you again!

Vanessa Rhodes


Noel Kingsley's Alexander Technique lessons have, without question, improved my posture and strengthened my back. I am able to undertake activities now without pain which would not have been possible without pain before starting these lessons six months ago. Without doubt, these lessons are a worthwhile investment and I recommend them without reservation

Trevor Pitman


I first went to visit Noel as I was suffering from severe RSI which had not responded to six months of conventional medical treatment and was threatening my ability to do my job.  From the very first lesson I felt things changing for the better and my symptoms began to steadily improve.  Some months on, the physical benefits have been immense and the psychological benefits even more impressive.  I have found myself making all manner of positive changes in my life and feel happier and more confident than ever before.  Alexander Technique lessons with Noel have been nothing short of a lifechanging experience, for which I am extremely grateful.

Jane Rosenberg


Thank you for all the wonderful and life changing Alexander lessons.

Lucinda Trevers


Thank you for all your help and support this year it has really been a lifechanging experience and I feel better in every possible way!

Looking forward very much to continuing to work with you in 2015.

Colin Avebury


After a desperate year of searching for a solution to severe RSI, which had left me unable to use a computer and was threatening my ability to pursue my career, I found Noël's practice. After a few weeks of attending his AT sessions, the pain and stress began to recede and I was soon able to resume working fulltime and became better than my old self: calmer, more relaxed, fitter. A lifetime habit of nailbiting also bit the dust. Noël enabled me to regain my health and move on with my life.

Annelise Evans


Through his teaching of the Alexander Technique Noel has helped me improve my posture significantly which in turn has led to a real reduction in back pain and related headaches, unlike previous physio sessions that only treated the symptons and did not address the underlying postural issues. Thoroughly recommended.



Have suffered with back pain on and off for about 20 years I have been a regular visitor to physio who made things a little better until I need to visit them again in a month or so later. I started my Alexander Technique lessons with Noel in London during January and have not been to a phsio since. My back pain is all but gone, my back does not stiffen up at night and I am sleeping so much better. I would never have thought of seeing Noel unless I had been recommended by a colleague. Without doubt it is the best thing I have done for my heath and wellbeing in a very long time.

Philip Struthers


I visited Noels Alexander Technique clinic in London after suffering for 3yrs following a neck injury. Over the years I have had multiple hospital visits, an MRI, massage and other therapies but nothing has given more than temporary respite from the pain and other problems that had got worse to the point of being debilitating. Noel and the Alexander Technique have finally given me something that works on the root causes of the problems.

I am learning to understand my bodies fight or flight response to the original trauma and the knock on effects this had had on my body, breathing and general health and well being. It seems very obvious now after 3mths of lessons but I never would have believed that something so fundamental as posture and the way I was carrying myself could have such a huge effect on my physical and mental well being.

Noels teaching leaves you immediately much improved physically and mentally but more importantly it gives you a skill that you can apply to every part of your life and continue to improve the great work that he has done during the lessons.



I started having Alexander Technique lessons at Noel Kingsley's central London practise to address problems I was having with my balance and coordination. A course of regular sessions has given me the physical experience of a new way of being, reviving my natural poise. I have also learned to look after myself better by using the Alexander Technique principles for myself as I get on with my everyday life. I would unreservedly recommend learning the Alexander Technique with Noel Kingsley. Not only has he helped me to start overcoming my original symptoms, over the weeks, I feel taller, lighter, looser with a sense of inner calm. Lessons are always energising, fun and challenging and Noel creates such a wonderfully relaxed and safe environment, that however I'm feeling when I go in, I always come out transformed 40 minutes later.

Kitty French


I have taken Alexander Technique lessons with Mr Kingsley between January and April, 2012. I did not suffer from back pain (yet), however I had bad posture, spent too much time in an office chair and was generally tense. I also had tension in various parts of my body after a day in the office. Do you know this annoying "tired" feeling although you have not done anything physically demanding all day? Now my poise is more flexible, my posture has improved dramatically and my breathing is much better. Moreover, as a bonus, I have lost an inch off my waist. I no longer feel tired at the end of the day. Last, but not least, Mr Kingsley taught me how to cope with stress in a way that works for me.

As a person Mr Kingsley is a pleasure to work with intelligent, thoughtful and gentle. I look forward to going back to do some additional work on my voice. Until then, I strongly recommend Mr Kingsley for anybody with back problems, tension related headaches, injuries and simply for vanity purposes.



have been taking regular lessons from Noel for over two years. He is extremely patient and supportive, always providing clear instructions, guidance and explanations around the technique. The passion and conviction is contagious! It is a totally experiential thing, and the only way to believe in the benefits is to try the Alexander technique. It becomes so obvious and natural once you start it!



I have been visiting Noel for years to help with a very bad back condition and terrible posture. After having visited every alternative and traditional therapy known to man, I finally found someone who straightens me out and puts my feet literally back on the ground and my head in the air! He has helped me more than I can say and I can't recommend him highly enough for anyone with back issues I always leave him feeling 6ft tall, pain free and walking tall.

David Roberts


Noel proved invaluable in helping me relax as a performer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and will definitely return to him before my next stressful audition.

Ford Keeble


Over the past 8 months or so I have been working regularly with Noel on Alexander Technique sessions. After years of chronic back issues, I am finally on the road to long term recovery! Noel is a real expert and provides clear instructions. He was recommended to me by a family member and I certainly recommend him to anyone looking to ease tension and recover from back issues.

Edward Smallwood


I first came to Noel in order to improve my posture. After a few weeks I noticed that not only had this improved remarkably, but that in church on Sunday I was able to sing more freely and hold long notes without taking breaths – a nice benefit that I had not realized would accrue

Patrick Maley, London


As a beauty writer I've tried many alternative therapies over the years and few compare to an Alexander Technique session with Noel Kingsley. I've been a client at Noel's London practice where he has built a reputation as the capital's leading Alexander practioner for over eighteen years. In that time he has helped me with everything from poor posture and migraines to whiplash (following a car accident) and a torn knee ligament following a ski injury. He has also helped enormously with severe repetitive strain injury in my arms (caused by writing a novel in six weeks). I also visit Noel before public speaking engagements or TV and radio appearances, as AT helps you to think and speak more clearly. By gently moving/readjusting your arms, legs, neck and back Noel somehow leaves you feeling calmer and more centred it's quite normal to leave a session feeling like you are inhabiting a different body. I cannot recommend Noel highly enough. I live in France now so cannot visit him as often as I would like to but it probably speaks volumes to say that on several occasions I have travelled back to London specifically to see him

Karen Wheeler, Writer and journalist

Put simply, not only did Noel Kingsley drastically improve my posture, he unlocked vast reserves of selfconfidence and improved my digestion

Adam Sodowick CoFounder Fifty Lessons


Being able to stop reacting to things in life, and instead inhibit and stay centred, has given me a much better sense of personal control. This has increased my effectiveness but more importantly, my enjoyment of almost everything

Caroline Marshall, Financial Analyst


Improving my posture has transformed my physical wellbeing. Forty years of neck and back tension has disappeared

Stephen Pollard, Political Commentator


Having suffered from poor posture for most of my adult life, I had tried various exercise programmes to help me correct my stooping shoulders, and collapsed stance. However, nothing has given me the results and improvement I found after completing a course of Alexander Technique sessions with Noel Kingsley. From the very beginning, I felt different and and now my spine is straighter, I look and feel taller and lighter. I can now participate in yoga and pilates classes without feeling restricted in movement by stiffness in my back and shoulders.

Noel instantly made me feel at ease, and I had absolute trust in him. Going to Noel's consulting rooms was an experience in calm, as well as being beneficial to my health and wellbeing. Best of all, the techniques Noel taught me have enabled me to maintain the results I achieved. I feel far more confident now, and know exactly what to do when I feel tension threatening to take hold in my back and shoulders.

Soraya Quassem, Dubai


Knocking three strokes off my golf handicap by improving my posture has surprised every one of my opponents. I now play a full round without back ache the following day.

Harry Scott, Property agent


I didn't realise my bad posture has affected my ability to deal with business clients, but my confidence has grown immensely with the Alexander Technique.

Sebastian Boon, financial adviser


I feel taller, my breathing is easier, and also being looser helps me maintain my balance in those awful winter winds which previously threatened to blow me over. Now I feel stronger, I hope to be able to carry on for a few more years.

Ella Scotchmer, 103 years, London


I never thought I would be able to pick up my twins without pain in my back. I can't believe how improving my posture has made playtime with my kids much more fun.

Stephen Burdge, Managing Director, Film design company


I have suffered with ankylosing spondylitis since my early twenties and was beginning to become very round shouldered and stooped which made me self conscious and unhappy. I had tried many techniques to help but nothing worked. Then I met Noel and within only a few sessions i was standing much more upright and felt less 'knotted'. I still visit regularly and am constantly amazed at the results he achieves when I leave, I am standing straighter with my feet flat on the ground and feel as if I have shed 100lbs!

Nancy Brady


I stand taller, my shoulders are wider and I feel bigger – without any effort.

Jimmy Chan, Investment analyst


My improved posture and coordination has helped me overcome my nervousness. I feel a lot more confident and outgoing. I like myself better.

Pamela Russell, mother


Having Alexander lessons with Noel has helped my voice become clearer and more resonant. I also feel more comfortable when speaking in public.

Ronald Davis, Marketing consultant


I should have done this a long time ago. People tell me I look younger and more relaxed and I feel more cheerful. I was amazed at how quickly I changed after a few sessions. Better posture has helped me feel really, really good.

Karen Levine, Events organiser


Improving my posture has really helped my running. I can run faster and for longer without my knees hurting.

Richard Brodie, designer


The Alexander Technique is my secret weapon in maintaining calm when my hectic lifestyle gets out of control. The improvement in focus and concentration has been a real boost to my work.

Melissa Burrows, Banker


I feel totally great! My balance and coordination has improved which has helped my riding and I’m now show jumping with confidence.

Sheena Wright


The effects of the Alexander Technique have been immediate, long lasting and very positive! From my first appointment, I could feel the muscles in my neck loosen and relax, and I now know how to effect this change for myself. The days of having a stiff, cramped neck are consigned to history!

Theresa Corry, Banker


Since having Alexander lessons for only three weeks I was able to stand at a music concert for four hours with no back pain at all, something which I have not been able to do for five years. I feel fantastic.

Kelly Edge, Secretary


I suffer from chronic back & neck pain. After a session with Noel as well as my symptoms being greatly alleviated I feel generally more relaxed, looser & stress free. The Alexander Technique has made a huge difference to the way in which I enjoy my life.

David Goodhead, IT Trainer


I only regret that I was not taught much earlier in life how beneficial the simple expedient of ‘nondoing’ and following the straight forward instructions of an Alexander teacher could be to my health and wellbeing. I have since made up for lost time!

Andrew Pinnell, Solicitor


I started Alexander Technique at the last resort but it should have been the first thing I tried. Not only did it improve my knee pain but it also gave me a more positive outlook on life.

Yolande Miquel


The Alexander Technique gave me a new lease of life; almost overnight I felt liberated and strangely vertical.

Stephen Hyett, Solicitor


Having suffered for some time from aching lower back pain and stiff neck, my dentist recommended that I try the Alexander Technique. I was so glad that I did. After only a few sessions I found that my posture had improved immeasurably, my neck had relaxed more and according to my friends I actually looked taller. My back and neck now feel much looser and my all round health and sense of wellness are much improved.

Robert Dove, London


My husband noticed with pleasure I was developing a much better defined waist as a result of the Alexander lessons I was having with Noël Kingsley.

Susan Crowther, author


The Alexander Technique helps both your body and your mind to work more efficiently. After a lesson with Noël, I think more clearly, communicate more effectively and generally feel calmer and more on top of things. I glide through the day both physically and metaphorically.

Karen Wheeler, Financial Times writer


As the result of an accident at age 5, I developed kyphosis by the age of eighteen and it grew progressively worse for 30 years. Having tried many different forms of treatment without success, I came across the Alexander Technique. After a course with Noel Kingsley I was able to look in a mirror and see my back straighter than I could ever remember. I now use the same methods to alleviate my back pain whenever it occurs.

Carol Ronchetti, Dallas, USA


I sailed through my pregnancy with barely a twinge thanks to Noel's work with me on the Alexander Technique over the last couple of years despite the fact that I had always had back problems in the past.

Mohini Chandra, artist


Some years ago I was diagnosed with a lung condition and my specialist suggested that the Alexander Technique might be of help to expand my lung capacity. I have been having onetoone lessons and I can now breathe more deeply and my lung capacity has increased. It is the best thing I did. I now stand taller, my legs are stronger and I no longer feel hesitant in crossing roads or walking down stairs. I have a more positive attitude to life and feel calmer in dealing with situations.

Audrey Oliver


I have acquired a new, open posture that has given me new energy flows, new attitude and new horizons I did not experience before...

Dr. Martin Rosenberg, management consultant, Sweden


I work in restoration but it took me a while to apply it to myself..... It's liberating to cast away bad postural habits and learn, even later in life, that its possible to grow and stand up for yourself in a relaxed and rejuvenating way. I have learned to stand tall again and move well both on dry land and in the water.... and to be free of pain. Good posture enhances life!

writer and architectural consultant and currently Director of the World Monuments Fund


During my second pregnancy I suffered from quite severe sciatica. Having had various treatments without success, I decided to visit NK. Within a few months the pain had completely subsided and I felt a new person. During my third pregnancy I regularly saw NK and the sciatica did not return and has not since.

Dr Caroline Fertleman, Specialist Registrar in Paediatrics, London


Noël really helped me while writing my book crouched all day over my computer I was getting real shoulder pains and my posture was collapsed the sessions with Noël were a life saver I would open up and lengthen and widen to my full stature. Now I’m able to maintain it for myself.

Sahar Hashemi, entrepreneur


I became interested in learning about the Alexander Technique in order to improve posture with the final objective of reducing lower back and neck pain, but as I progressed through the classes I found the technique also useful in improving my overall level of awareness both physically and emotionally. Awareness is necessarily the very first step for change and improvement...

Delfin Rueda, Vice President, leading global investment bank


Dear Noël, I can’t thank you enough for getting rid of my backache. I had suffered for 3 years and had tried many treatments with various specialists and didn’t know where to turn next. After starting lessons with you the pain eased and in 3 months it had totally disappeared. I am now able to practice the Technique for myself and to avoid the problems recurring. It’s wonderful not to be in pain or to be taking pain killers

Camilla Sargeaunt, London


Since having lessons with you, my mother has had no breathing problems and has gained hugely in confidence.

Stephanie Berke, France


The Technique has simply changed my life. After a 12 sessions my backache had gone. I also feel a tremendous change psychologically, becoming calmer and calmer.

Jochen Radke, St Petersburg, Russia


As a result of your sessions I am now more relaxed, taller, and feel good with myself.

Maya David, Malaysia