Why Alexander Technique?

With so many different complimentary therapies and treatments available it can be bewildering and difficult to choose the best option for your own particular needs and situation. Osteopathy, chiropractic work, physiotherapy, massage, hellerwork, can offer wonderful assistance and treatment for certain conditions, and then there are various forms of exercise and fitness such as Pilates, Yoga, gym work – anaerobic with weights and aerobic without, kettlebell workouts etc.

Naturally we want to ‘get well’ if we are not at our best or suffering in some way such as with back pain, and we also want to be ‘fit’ and healthy maintaining adequate strength and stamina.

The Alexander Technique does not fall into either category of ‘treatment or therapy’ nor exercise yet it can bring about enormous improvements in health and well-being as well as fitness.

A great many problems relating to our health and fitness are a consequence of the build up of postural habits such as stooping, slumping, stiffening our neck, arching our back etc. These habits cause upset of overall muscular co-ordination, balance and also distort our sensory awareness so we can no longer ‘feel’ accurately what we are doing with our poise and during movement. Over the years our habits become to feel ‘right’ yet they clearly not right and we would not have had them as young children.

Our postural habits have a detrimental effect on our health internally as well as physically (if there is any difference) and they affect all of our movements including walking, running, sitting and also how we exercise. In fact we repeat our habits constantly when we exercise or any perform any movement so they become worse. Treatment or therapy may provide relief from symptoms to a degree, but as our habits are automatic and subconscious, they are left unattended so problems recur and may even get worse.

The Alexander Technique is unique in that it provides a practical means of overcoming these postural habits for ourselves and restore the natural poise we had as young children.   During a course of lessons (not treatment) we learn to apply the technique so we can consciously help ourselves cope throughout the day. Our sensory awareness improves during lessons so we get more accurate feedback and avoid unnecessary strain. Symptoms such as back pain just seem to disappear as we cease creating the tensions or imbalance that caused them in the first place. Our system becomes more educated.  Once free of habit, we may more safely turn to various forms of exercise with more awareness and ability to ensure we do not harm ourselves in the process so we get more in return.

Alexander Technique refines our whole co-ordination so we can bring the best from ourselves without our old habits undermining us.  We can function better in stressful situations, get to the ball quicker in sport, run faster and without strain, be more self assured with a good resonant speaking voice while all the time avoiding using ourselves in such a way that would cause back pain, neck pain or any other symptom. Feeling and functioning better becomes our new norm.

People who come for Alexander Technique lessons often say they have tried various forms of therapy or treatment over the years but the problem has really not gone away. And after a course of Alexander, they wish they had come here first as it’s got to the root cause of the problem.

If you are interested, have a one-off Introductory Lesson where you will find out more and quite likely walk out feeling lighter, half an inch taller and possibly even pain free!  However it takes a course of lessons to make the benefits long lasting.