Alexander Technique, Dorset

We have been living in Dorset since 2009 and I thoroughly enjoy teaching the Alexander Technique from our home in Beaminster. The experience is so different from working at my main practice at Cavendish Square just off Harley Street in London. The pace of life is slower and less frenetic and I have a lovely teaching room which doubles up as our music room, where I provide Alexander Technique lessons to local people and friends. With a view of our garden and terrace with the roses, jasmine and geraniums, the view if nothing else is so very different! But the work remains the same.  With every lesson I give, I endeavour to bring the best from myself and my experience gained from working with thousands of people in London.

My training was three years full-time at the Constructive Teaching Centre with Walter Carrington, a protege of FM Alexander himself, making me a second generation teacher.  I feel more than grateful for receiving the most orthodox of training passed onto me by Walter who trained with Alexander in the 1930s.  It is now over 40 years since I began learning the Alexander Technique for my own benefits and I qualified as a professional teacher with Walter Carrington in 1993.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about how the Alexander Technique can help us overcome postural and co-ordination problems and enable us to make more of ourselves then I recommend having a one-off Introductory Session. This will give you the experience of hands-on work and a clearer idea of how beneficial having lessons in the technique can be. During a course of lessons, we retrain our muscles and nervous system out of habits that have developed over the years and we become freer, more agile and able to move easily without effort.  Back pain, neck tension, sciatica, tension headaches etc can simply disappear as the root cause is addressed. Horse riders find the Alexander Technique most helpful in improving their seat and use of themselves in communicating with their horse.