I have written about core strength and the believed need for core stability in my blog entry ‘Developing a strong back’.  But I thought it helpful to re-print this feature which has been re-circulated recently after it’s initial publication in The Times, 2010. … Continue reading »

I’m often asked during Alexander Technique lessons, is there anything that can be done to improve breathing. This great little procedure is a wonderful and easy way of simply freeing up your whole breathing mechanism so it functions more as … Continue reading »

When we have lessons in the Alexander Technique we learn about FM Alexander’s unique method of eliminating harmful postural habits and how to revive the natural poise we enjoyed as young children. We discover it is a method of thinking, … Continue reading »

There is one topic of conversation at a party that is pretty well guaranteed to lose our audience within minutes. Nor does it offer  the most successful of chat-up lines. Questions such as “How are you getting on with gravity … Continue reading »

Neck tension and back pain can be a real problem for some of us, particularly if we work at a desk and by the afternoon we can be really suffereing and longing to go home.  For others, the problem may … Continue reading »

I have a wooden horse and saddle in both my London practice and also in my teaching room in Dorset, and they are often a cause of curiosity to any new pupil starting lessons.  It is not an ornament or curiosity but a … Continue reading »

Our move to Beaminster in Dorset a few years ago after 25 years of being in London has been a wonderful experience.  The weekly travel to London where I still work is one thing and we’ve been getting used to that, but … Continue reading »

FM Alexander demonstrated with the aid of a newly born chicken a fundamental principle that affects our whole co-ordination, balance and movement…. In the process of having Alexander Technique lessons we learn about a most significant discovery of FM Alexander’s in … Continue reading »

Feeding our senses with stimuli to ever heightening levels seems to be a current trend in lifestyle but I worry that it has dangerous consequences. A quick glance along the carriage of my London underground train instantly shows 80% of fellow … Continue reading »

When people come for Alexander Technique lessons it is often after they have had treatment from various therapies to help them with specific problems such as back pain, stiff neck or shoulders, aching knees, or they have finally decided to … Continue reading »